Thursday, February 23, 2012

I regret to inform you that I acted like an adult.

Tonight I am very disappointed to say that I did a very adult thing.

After a long day at school, I called three of my theater students for practice after study hall. We set up for their one act (we're doing David Ives!) and, after three minutes it was clear that they did not know their lines despite the fact that they've been "off-book" for a month now.

I waited as they dragged a fifteen minute scene into forty-five, constantly diving for their scripts. When they finished, I said "I'm so disappointed. I don't really know what to do here. What do you think I should do?"

They said that it had been their responsibility to learn the lines, so it was up to them. I agreed and left them to continue practicing if they pleased.

I'm not thrilled with how I reacted. What if I had been kind, more supportive? Do I cancel the one-act performance in front of the school on Friday? I don't want to embarrass them in front of the entire community, that wouldn't be healthy at all. At the same time, will just canceling the show be enough to understand the consequences of their choices? And does it even matter?  I feel like this is a very adult reaction, making something bigger than what it is, when really it should be focused on the kids' learning.

Help, please. How do I focus it on the students in this case?

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