Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetry for People

My Spanish III students needed something a little different. When I found poetryforpeople.net, I knew that I'd found an answer.

So the kids took pictures with our cameras (loaned to us via Literacy Through Photography) and submitted them to Ben Rimes' cooperative poetry blog, poetryforpeople.net.

Then we wrote poems based on other people's photography. Ben was gracious enough to allow us to submit our work in Spanish. It's true, the Spanish isn't perfect but they were creative and required some serious manipulation of the TL.

Here is Michael's haiku about a photograph of buildings and Destiny's haiku about a photograph of blueberries:

To our great surprise, Ben chose to post three of our photographs, two noted here with red stars, on to the main page of the blog! Now other people are writing about our photography. So exciting!

I am very appreciative for this unique opportunity. Head on over to poetryforpeople.net and get your students writing, too!

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