Monday, August 6, 2012


Today I have happened to find several fantastic videos.

A College Humor video that takes on modern education in a delightfully culturally relevant way:
Here's the original song if you're not familiar with it. Or you could just turn on any pop radio station and wait 30 seconds. 

From Mashable, I found this really interesting interpretation of Pixar's Rules of Writing. Absolutely fabulous for any creative writing class. Actually, for any sort of writing ever.

And then I kept looking on Mashable and found these sweet videos on really touchy topics (warning: yes, I am liberal).
Try this video on fracking:
And finally, an example of how being a parent can be the coolest thing ever:

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  1. Like the mashable thoughts. One of my big issues with Harry Potter 3 was the time traveling device. I did feel it was cheating and wondered why they weren't used to stop Voldemort instead of saving the hippogriff. I know she is a very successful writer; but that was still cheating.