Monday, February 18, 2013

What if social media is bad for both introverts AND extroverts?

Is social media anti-introvert?
 [Please note that I said introverts and not shy people.]
My dear friend, who is quite the introvert, never uses his social media. He uses the internet all the time, but it is usually to "consume" and not "contribute" and the sources are usually information-related not people-focused. Social mediums, like Facebook and Twitter, just aren't interesting for him. This makes sense: people wear him out, so wouldn't people on the internet wear him out, too?

Then I started wondering if social media is rough for extroverts too.
Extroverts (myself included) find nourishment from other people, so social media should be ideal for us. But often times, I'll find myself going to Facebook looking for company, only to get off half an hour later feeling jealous and even more lonely. Although I "interacted" with several people, I didn't have the pleasure of their company and human energy, which is what revives me.

Jake Reilly's "Amish Project" inspired these questions:

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