Sunday, March 31, 2013

Creativity Week

My school is a pretty unique place. One of my favorite parts about my job (other than my relationships with my students, which is far and away my favorite part) is that I get to coordinate Creativity Week. This means that I poll students and staff to find out what sorts of wacky projects they would like to work on and then facilitate a week of work and presentations where they just go to town on the project of their liking. 

This year some of the projects included:
-building a Rube Goldberg machine
-Junk Art (making art from found objects like magazines, bottle caps, egg cartons, etc)
-Slam Poetry
-Film making
-Zombie Apocalypse!

Here's a video about a few of the different groups, made by the Creative Media group.

I really loved seeing the students outside of the traditional educational setting. If only we had Creativity Week every week!

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